Skincare tips for the coming Summers

Skincare tips for the coming Summers

The summers are refreshing indeed and the fun and enjoyment which comes along is simply overwhelming. It may include planning trips on a beachside or going to a swimming pool and spending some quality time in the outdoors and tasting energizing drinks. At the same time, the heat and the sunshine can be a threat for your skin and pose numerous problems as sunburns, hyperpigmentation, skin inflammation, allergies, redness and dryness. The summers season brings with itself novel skin tasks and challenges which have to add up in your daily skincare regime.

Herein, we have listed the best skin care tips one should follow for beating the summer heat and keep your skin fresh and hydrated.

Use light weight skin care essentials

During winters, the weather is a bit rough, and we tend to use heftier skincare essentials which provide deep 24-hour moisturization and safeguard your skin form environmental stressors as higher temperatures, humidity and rain showers.

But we should perform just the opposite during summers. Your skin needs products that are light weighted and devoid of greasiness and do not clog the skin pores. Thus, during summers, just pick a light moisturizer which is completely oil-free to beat the changes in humidity and the intense heat. The moisturizers having a lighter texture and a lower density allows your skin to respire. They won’t leave any kind of oily deposits behind and thus preventing unwanted skin breakouts.

Thus, along with, getting rid of heavier moisturizers, you should also give yourself a break from dense skin cleansers and opt for light weighted foaming cleansers and face serums which provide a deeper skin absorption. This will not only keep your face clean but also help in keeping the natural skin oils intact and keep your skin well hydrated.

Your skincare products should be non-comedogenic!

Non-comedogenic is a new term used with respect to skincare products these days. If a skin care brand says that their products are non-comedogenic, it means that they will never clog your skin pores. Thus being, an accepted option for people having an oily skin type, an acne susceptible skin, a contaminated skin or a mixed skin type.

Actually, ‘comedo’ is more of a technical term used for a kind of pimple that appears due to clogged pores, and appears on your facial skin. You should thus pick a range of dermatologically tested skin care products that are non-comedogenic and suit your skin perfectly.

They are perfect for your summer skin care routine as you may face the problem of excessive sweating and your skin pores get clogged on a frequent basis. For a better summer-friendly sin routine, just have a look at your skincare essentials and use those which showcase ‘light weight & non-comedogenic’. You can select primers, sunscreens, foundations and moisturizers which are oil-free and light-textured.

Using a face serum rich in Vitamin C

According to skin care experts including a Vitamin C face serum in your everyday summer skincare regime is a great idea for a healthy skin. The Vitamin C serum acts as an excellent antioxidant and protects your skin from the sun exposure during summers. It helps in improving your skin texture, helps you get rid of skin issues as acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, acne scars, skin inflammation, redness and dryness. It also acts as a skin barrier and protects your skin form the environmental barriers.

Orgatre has recently launched a new 30% Vitamin C face serum for your skin problems with a unique product composition with an effective mixture of five essential vitamins namely - Vit E, Vit C, Vit F, Vit B3 and Vit B5 as well as five organic essential oils viz. - Orange Oil, Rosehip Oil, Bergamot Oil, Sea buckthorn Oil and Blueberry Seed Oil. It possesses the above listed properties and contains Kakadu Plum which acts as an abundant source of Vitamin C. So, what are you waiting for, order the Vitamin C face serum from the Orgatre and feel the transformation yourself.

Stay protected – stay in the shade...!!

The sun is no doubt good for your skin, but exposing your skin too much to the ultraviolet rays of the sun can be a bit damaging and cause permanent skin damage. Thus, you should never leave your house without a sunscreen on in summers and try to stay in the shade as much as possible.

It is better to cover yourself by using umbrellas when you are out in the sun, wear hats or caps, the wide-brimmed ones, wear full sleeved clothes, try avoiding a direct sun-exposure. The best way is to stay in the shade to prevent sunburns, hyperpigmentation and early signs of skin-ageing.

Stay Hydrated!

Drink an adequate amount of water to keep your skin refreshed and healthy. The summer months are a bit harsh and you may end up losing a lot of sweat and face frequent sunburns. Thus drinking at least eight glasses of water in a day is mandatory for maintain a healthy skin care routine.

Your skin needs hydration from deep within irrespective of the season you are experiencing. Use skincare products which keep your skin well-nourished and reduce the generation of skincare radicals which cause skin damage.

Skin Exfoliation is necessary!

Exfoliation is necessary in summers at least twice within a week for removing the excess deposition of dirt, grit and oil on our skin. Always select a scrub which suits your skin texture and massage in a gentle manner. Do not forget to apply the scrub on the lips as well as the neck region.

A heavy make-up should be avoided!

It has been proven by experts that a heavy make-up doesn’t let your skin breathe during the summers. Thus, make sure to avoid a heavy-textured foundation and go for light ones and always use tinted lip balms. The moisturizers you apply on your face should also be light and breathable long enough to keep your skin hydrated.

Your skin-toner should be of good quality!

A light weighted toner is more effective and helps in opening the clogged pores. The so called ‘T-zone’ in your facial region contains the utmost quantity of sebaceous glands. Toners which contain aloe-vera and cucumber are perfect for skin cleansing during summers.

Protect your lips, eyes & feet too...!!

You should always wear a decent pair of sunglasses while going out in the sun in the summer season. Make sure you are using a hydrating eye-gel as well as a SPF-induced lip balm prior to the application of a lip color. Take care of feet as well and do not forget to apply a sunscreen as well as a moisturizer moreover if you love to wear open-toed footwear.

Breathable clothing is a must!

One should go for cotton as it is one of the best fabrics for summers. Light colored and loose-fitting clothing is perfect for summers as it allows your skin to respire and reduces skin infections.

Maintain a good hygiene!

Taking a bath at least twice is recommended for a healthy skin.

Avoid sugar-based drinks

People tend to drink a lot of sugary drinks in summers. This should be avoided as it leads to an increase in weight and will not restore your salt balance. Thus, drink water in adequate amounts.


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