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How Should You Use Face Serum For Maximum Benefits?

The cosmetic industry is launching newer products in the market almost every day. Women tend to use face serum as it has endless benefits. The main ingredients of face serum include vitamins, healthy acids for skincare and rich antioxidants which penetrate deeper into your skin and give enhanced protection from skin blemishes, premature dryness, wrinkles, ageing and dark spots. Face serum are nevertheless revolutionary products for a flawless epidermis, an impeccable heathy skin

The newly designed 30 Vitamin C Serum by Orgatre has been developed cautiously by skin care experts and contains a unique blend of five essential vitamins and 5 certified organic oils as the active components, moisturizing features and skincare antioxidants. It is no doubt a perfect product which takes care of skin problems and helps you achieve your desired skin in a short span of time. But knowing the right procedure of serum application is necessary for achieving best results. The stepwise method has been listed below:

  • Cleansing: Prior to the application of the Vitamin C Face Serum, you should properly clean your skin using a face wash and then carry out the exfoliation process. Thus, process helps in the skin preparation, removing the collected debris which blocks the serum absorption.
  • Application of a toner/water or mist: Skincare products are applied based on their desired viscosity; one must begin with the thinnest and end with the thickest product. Once the cleansing is completed, an alcohol-free toner or mist is applied gently in small circles using a cotton pad on your complete face. One should keep a check of the hairline, nose, the chin and cheek-area while application, and cover the neck region. If you do not prefer a toner or mist, simply pat your face using a washcloth dipped in lukewarm water. This step is vital as damp epidermis is selectively permeable for your serum and aids in passive absorption.
  • Application of Vitamin C face serum: First and foremost, one should carefully read the instructions given in the serum leaflet. The required amount to be applied may vary according to the skin texture. Usually a pea-sized quantity of the serum is applied. If you are using a dropper, do not apply more than 3-4 serum-drops. If a large amount of serum is applied, it results in skin irritation and reduced absorption. The serum can be either applied using your fingertips or your palm followed by smoothening and a slight pat in the outward and upward direction on the entire facial and neck region.
  • Wait for at least 5 minutes: Once you have applied the serum, you have to develop a bit of patience and wait at least for five minutes to allow the complete absorption.
  • Moisturization: Vitamin C Face serum acts as a supplement for your moisturizer. Once the serum gets completely absorbed on your skin, you have to apply a moisturizer so that the serum gets locked inside and aids in further hydration of your facial skin.

Note: You can try a patch test before applying the serum to check the sensitivity of your skin and prevent any kind of side effects.


  • Basically, one should apply the face serum at least twice on a daily basis. A morning application on a thoroughly cleansed facial skin prior to the application of your daily make is necessary. Also, do not forget to apply your serum at night prior to going to sleep.
  • Dermatologists often recommend that one should start using a face serum at an early age of around 20 as one starts noticing slight skin damage due to pollution and ageing.
30 Vitamin C Serum


Your face serum should be applied in the right order for better results. The usual order to be followed is using a cleanser, toner, then your face serum, followed by an eye-cream, an effective moisturizer, a SPF cream and a body lotion.


  • It nourishes your facial skin and automatically improves the skin texture adding as it is enriched with collagen content and Vitamin C.
  • It also helps in reducing the facial scars, acne, blemishes and fine lines by using acne control serum along with face serum. The amount of plant assembles used in the serum help in lightening the skin texture in a complete manner.
  • The visible open pores gradually reduce in size with the regular use of a face serum and blackheads as well as whiteheads present on your skin lessen with the passage of time.
  • When applied underneath your eyes, it reduces the visible dark circles, fine lines and the existing dryness and enhance your eye-appeal.
  • The skin inflammation and visible redness decreases gradually when you use a face serum on a daily routine and your skin appears fresh and well hydrated.
  • It also helps in treating wrinkles in a more effective manner compared to various lotions and popular creams. It gives you a feel of weightlessness and non-oiliness while acting on wrinkles from deep within apart from surface adsorption.
  • Acts on the ageing process: Everyone dreams of a younger skin free from spots, acne, fine lines. So why not use a face serum on a daily basis and experience a healthy skin instantly boosts your self-confidence and makes you stand out from the crowd. A face serum when used during the night helps in retaining the skin-lustre, adds to the skin-firmness and prevents collagen degradation.
  • 30 % Vitamin C Face Serum provides the daily recommended dosage of moisture as recommended by skincare experts. It is simply mandatory as one of the basic skin care products as it contains hyaluronic acid which locks the skin moisture and keeps your skin fresh and well hydrated for around 72 hours on a stretch.  

AN ADDED ADVANTAGE: A facial serum is no doubt a bit costlier than other skin care products as they have a thick concentration of ingredients. But once you use a face serum, you will start applying lesser skin products on your face as it takes care of your existing skin problems. The costlier the serum, the better is the quality of ingredients used. Once you open your serum bottle, you should try to finish it within the expiration date as the active components lose their properties with the passage of time.  

ALLERGIC REACTIONS: The thick viscosity of serums may sometimes cause some allergic reactions. Thus, you should conduct a patch test and consult your dermatologist before using a face serum. If you have recently been pregnant or facing some persistent skin ailments, it is better to avoid the usage of serums. While applying the Vitamin C Face Serum, try to prevent applying excessive make-up as it can have an adverse effect on your facial skin.


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