About Us

Welcome to ORGATRE, your go-to location for dermatologically tested natural beauty and personal care solutions! Our product offering is intended to take care of your necessities with the best regular dermaceuticals for skin and hair.

We're focused on conveying rich-quality products that are impactful yet delicate, created with a mix of vitamins and oils known as VITAMILS. Our unique formulations are cautiously organized to line up with the everyday eating regimen of metropolitan Indian purchasers, guaranteeing ideal adequacy and tangible joy.

Created with a joint effort of authorized and licensed cosmetologists from the USA and Vaidyas practitioners in India, our products go through no animal testing. Experience the collaboration of science and nature with ORGATRE, where each and every product is a demonstration of our commitment to your prosperity and well-being.

Vision and Mission

  • Our master dermatologists enthusiastically make outstanding solutions with a unique formulation of vitamins and oils termed as VITAMILS for skin, hair, and body care.
  • At Orgatre, we are focused on conveying greatness to our clients through our high-grade products, which are all natural and totally toxin-free.
  • Implanting old Vedic speculative chemistry with current cosmetological methods, Orgatre creates special skin solutions.
  • The ingredients utilized in our products are developed on India's best organic farms under fastidious supervision and supreme care.
  • Our products go through thorough quality checks, surpassing clearance from different Indian testing guidelines, including BIS norms for cosmetics, ISI, FDA, Worldwide Quality Accreditation, Central Pollution Control Board, Risk, and Waste Management.
  • Manufactured in a GMP-guaranteed facility and infused with VITAMILS from the Himalayan foothills of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, our products guarantee the trustworthiness and strength of the dynamic ingredients.
  • Devised under the strict supervision of skin care specialists from India and the USA, our skincare products are sans brutality, with no trial and error included on animals.
  • Orgatre is something other than a skincare brand; it moves people to embrace their internal identities and praise their god-gifted appearance.
  • Orgatre’s core value is profoundly dedicated to natural manageability, as it is completely eco-friendly, focusing on the conservation of Mother Earth as a fundamental belief.
  • With an emphasis on focusing on wellness and prosperity beyond industry standards, Orgatre intends to provide an excellent beauty platform armed with the transformative potential of VITAMILS infused formulations.
  • Each creation of Orgatre is liberated from fake scents and goes through certifiable testing to guarantee demonstrated results prior to arriving at your corrective shelf.
  • We work together with industry frontrunners and experts for product upgrades, valuing client satisfaction at each step.
  • Orgatre products are accessible all over India and have received positive reactions from clients the nation over.
  • We comprehend that each skin type is one of a kind and requires particular consideration.
  • As beneficial things take time and care, nature additionally expects persistence to convey magical outcomes.
  • Your skin's protection and enhancing its natural allure are our essential worries, and we are committed to tending to them with the restorative power of VITAMILS.


At ORGATRE, we've partnered with a talented team of esteemed scientists in nanotechnology to present a progressive methodology. Our products are created with a novel combination of five vitamins and five natural oils, and this creative mix is termed 'VITAMILS'. These lipid nanoparticles have been infused into our magnificent beauty products, which offer striking stability and convey excellent hydration and rejuvenation advantages to your skin.

Experience the embodiment of a pure and natural skincare routine in your daily life, delivered to your doorstep with Orgatre!