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Health Star does not excise control on various policies as well as commercial terms relevant to price, shipping price, payment systems, payment tenures, date, time-period and method of delivery, warranties pertaining to products and subsequent sales facilities related to products. We do not have any direct control or do not regulate or direct or in any manner include itself in contributions or acceptance of profitable/pledged terms between buyers and sellers. We do not hold any title or ownership or have any rights or entitlements at any point of time during any deal between buyer and seller related to the products offered by seller to the buyer.


Potential shoppers have to duly register and login while placing orders for various services on the website, and you may have to share relevant information liable to us delivering services in an efficient manner. We may collect the following personally recognizable information from our customers/buyers/sellers. It will be kept strictly confidential in accordance with the company polices and every user will be responsible for maintaining the discretion of their login id and password and prevent unsanctioned admittance into your profile. 1. Name (first name & last name) 2. An alternate email id. 3. Contact number 4. Relevant contact details as postal code, age, gender, education, address, occupation etc. 5. Information relates to the sites you pay a visit to or info related to your browsing history You agree to instantly notify us in case of any kind of unauthorized access or breach related to your account by contacting our customer support desk. Grievance:


The company has the sole right to append or dismiss or repudiate access to you if you are found providing any kind of incorrect or incomplete information. Violation of our terms will lead to an instant termination of the services opted by you. You are debarred from using our products and services for any kind of illegal or unauthorized purpose. While using our services, you have to abide by the laws as per our jurisdiction. You cannot transmit any viruses or unauthentic codes of a disparaging nature. The maximum acquisition can be around___ pieces for a specific order, from one ID. Consumer Promo offers are available in a limited quantity and can be purchased for your individual consumption or usage. The utmost purchase per Id is __units. The company reserves the right to decline orders and refund the money for orders not meant for individual consumption.


All the products and services wholesaled on our website are sourced from approved reliable distributors. Thus, you can be guaranteed of the excellence and authenticity of the products you procure from our website.


Copyright @Health Star Natural Private Limited. All rights duly reserved. The company solely has a direct ownership for the texts, images, software, and other related materials displayed on the website. You are allowed to browse the site and replicate extracts by printing or downloading the information to your safe drive for your personal usage and dispersal to other people, but strictly you need to use it for non-profitable and individual tenacities only. You cannot trade or allocate the company’s entities for commercial advantage and cannot alter or integrate it for usage for any other work or periodical or site, neither in a hard copy or a digital format including placement on other sites. You cannot expunge any other authorization or right.


All the trademarks displayed on our website are solely possessed or used under authorization by Health Star Naturals Private Limited. Accessibility of products and services The company does not supply its services directly to viable customers. References related to products/ services displayed on the company website do not showcase an offer to vend or supply that product/service and does not indicate that the product/service is obtainable in all countries or the explanation, name or specification of the product/service will remain same as showcased on the site. The company is solely responsible to enlist and vend its merchandise as per the convenience and suitability. Alterations to the deals and prices Health Star reserves the sole right to amend prices for various merchandises without any prior notice. We also hold the right to make changes or discontinue the services (or any share or content thence) without any prior announcement. We are not accountable to you or any other third revelry for any kind of alteration, price amendments, deferral or termination of the services.


Some products or services are made available exclusively through our online platform directly through our website. The quantity of these products & services may however be in a limited quantity and are not subject to any kind of return or exchange as per our return policy. We have tried to our utmost efforts to clearly showcase the relevant colors as well as images pertaining to our products that are visible in our store. We hold the right, but are not obligatory, to restrict the sales of our listed products and services to any specific person, geographical province or jurisdiction. We can exercise the same on accordance with specific cases. All relevant details related to the pricing of products are subject to changes at any point of time without any prior notification at the solitary discretion of Health Star Naturals Private Limited. Any specific offer for a product or service listed on our website is absolutely null wherever barred.


The information displayed on our website has been encompassed in full confidence and can be utilized for general purpose only. Our employees or agents shall not be held responsible for any kind of loss or damage incurred while using our website or associated backlinks or any substantial loss. If you submit any kind of graphical representations, suggestions, comments related to our products and services, we hold the right to use them in our benefit and they will be help the sole property of the company. We can make required changes as well as amendments to the side as and when required without any prior notice.


We expect that our users will carefully go through the terms and conditions listed on our website prior to making any purchases or ordering any services. The novel tool as well as features added to our current website shall will also fall in compliance with the terms of service. The information related to your credit cards is duly encrypted while transfer procedures over networks, and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks or devices. Credit card information is always encrypted during transfer over networks. The site contains some pieces of historical information for your reference only. We hold the right to make and monitor the changes related to the content of our website as per our requirement. We may grant you access to the third-party gears which are not monitored or controlled. Certain services and products are directly linked to the third parties and are not allied with us Certain content, products and services available via our Service may include materials from third-parties. Kindly review the data related to the third-party policies and assure that you review the terms and conditions prior to engaging in any kind of transaction with the company.


The company does not guarantee, signify or permit that the usage of our services will be not be interrupted with time and are sheltered and error free. Our team members, affiliates, contractors, liable suppliers, various services or license providers will not be held accountable for any kind of injuries, losses, damages, loss of data, or any other claims which arise from your end during usage of the company’s products and services. Our accountability shall be limited to the supreme extent legalized by law.


The above-mentioned terms and policies strictly abide by the laws laid down by the Indian government and the court has complete jurisdiction on various proceedings. Any kind of disputes or differences arising out of interpretation as per the usage of terms and services and other related policies on our site between the accountable parties will be referred to an autonomous authority who shall be appointed in mutual agreement and will hold the right to make the final decision.