Vitamin C Face Serum

Why induce Vitamin C in a Face Serum?

Vitamin C is an important constituent needed by our body for various functions. It helps in maintaining a radiant skin texture and an unmatched glow throughout your life. If you are facing the problem of a dry or damaged skin texture, you need to include a vitamin C face serum in your daily skin routine.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and helps prevent skin cancer. It is a vital component of your skin and is required for the expansion and fixation of tissues. Apart from being an essential part of our daily diet, vitamin C works as a reward for your skin when applied on a topical basis in concentrated form.

Our skin possesses an outer peripheral protective layer known as epidermis which acts as a water-resistant barrier and defines our skin tone. Underneath the skin are placed fibrous connective tissues, sebaceous glands and hair follicles.

Our skin is a home to millions of microorganisms which maintain the pH level of our skin. The skin PH varies from one person to another. Our body decides the optimum level of PH level required for our protection and utmost immunity. Our skin harbors skin-friendly bacteria that constantly fight off microorganisms that come in contact with our skin.

Advantages of Vitamin C Serum

If you are fond of your skin and want an extra skin radiance which sets you apart from the crowd, then you start using Vitamin C in your daily skin routine as it will penetrate deeper into your skin layers and even you skin texture from within.

The enhanced benefits of Vitamin C include:

  • It deliberately lessens the effect of environmental stressors such as harmful UV light of the skin, dirt, pollution, humidity and variations in temperature. It gives your skin the versatility and strength, deeply hydrates and improves the skin texture and color.
  • It plays an active role in the collagen production in your body. Collagen is a structural protein that gives firmness to your skin and makes you plumper. When the amount of collagen production in your skin starts, your skin starts losing its properties and becomes saggy. You will start witnessing the appearance of fine lines, blemishes, hyperpigmentation signs, scars and other signs of ageing. Thus, you require vitamin C in an adequate quantity for boosting the skin radiance and for making it look younger and plumper.
  • Vitamin C combined with other elements plays an important role in skin hydration and diminishes the obstructions caused in the skin by locking the moisture within the skin. Well hydrated skin exhibits smoothness and extraordinary skin radiance.
  • Vitamin C exhibits skin lightening features and works on the dull skin texture. The Orgatre Vitamin C face serum contains an adequate proportion of Vitamin C (30%) along with other essential vitamins and organic essential oils which work in a collaborative manner and adds luminance to your skin.
  • Vitamin C also acts on the problem of hyperpigmentation when applied topically. It gradually diminishes the dark spots, skin breakouts, and acne scars.
  • With the regular usage of the 30% Vitamin C Face Serum, you will find that the sun damage reduces gradually. It reduces the formation of free radicals that are formed when your skin gets exposed to ultra-violet light. The Vitamin C found in the serum neutralizes these radicals and provides skin protection
  • The 30% Vitamin C face serum helps in the shrinkage of enlarged pores, reduces the skin inflammation and gives it a soft and smoother finish. It works on the improvement of the complete skin health.

Vitamin C Face Serum Application Method

For those having a sensitive skin, a patch test is strictly recommended before applying the 30% Vitamin C Face Serum. The ideal method of applying the serum is as follows:

  • Apply a few drops of the serum on clear skin after washing it properly using a cleanser or a face wash.
  • Then massage your face gently until the serum gets fully absorbed on your face.
  • Then use a normal consistent moisturizer.
  • For getting the finest results, apply the serum at least twice, once in the morning hours and before going to bed at night.

Tips for Self-Care – Renovate Your Prettiness Regime

We cannot revert the process of ageing, but we can dupe the camera as well as the mirror and keep our self-younger each day. Age is just a number; you live young when you feel young. Just be careful with you skin and follow these tips for and being the real you:


A cleanser is often used as one of a skin care product or as a makeup remover. It gently exfoliates the dirt, bacteria and other pollutants which collect all over your skin on a daily basis. Cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser is necessary so that the skincare products which you use on a daily basis can enter your epidermal lining easily and work effectively.

Always use a gentle cleanser to preserve the epidermal lining of your skin. They to keep it rehydrated and protect it from environmental damage. The cleansers which have a harsh PH as depicted by soaps, can lead to skin infections and cause skin irritation, redness and inflammation. Cleansers which have a lower PH range help in maintaining the optimal balance of your skin. Also try to avoid cleansers which have mixed sodium lauryl sulfate as the have a harsh cleansing action. Do not invest in cleansers which have showcase fancy dynamic ingredients. They are not used in your skin for a loner time period so any gentle cleanser will do.

Toners for Restoring Skin PH

Toners help in lowering and restoring the PH balance of the skin. A high pH action toner works well with a lower PH cleanser.

Using an Exfoliant

Exfoliants are one of the easiest ways to ward off the dead skin tissues in a shirt span of time and feel refreshed.

Exfoliants are basically of two kinds – physical & chemical. One should avoid severe exfoliants like sugar scrubs or those containing beads as they may lead to skin sagging. You can also use a soft washcloth as well as a soft sponge containing activated charcoal which can exfoliate and take care of your skin as well.

Chemical exfoliants are used to weaken the existing bonds between the skin cells and can be used by people of any age or skin texture. The finest exfoliants are alpha- hydroxy acids namely glycolic acids as well as lactic acid. They aid in fading out the uneven skin texture caused due to pigmentation and also provide deeper skin hydration.

Get Perfect Moisturizer

The sebum production in our skin increases with age and thus acne problems also lessen. But the problem of dryness comes along with the excess production of sebum and you fine lines and skin blemishes start appearing. Your skin thus needs a skin moisturizer that contains humectants which lock in the moisture and make the skin healthier.

Use a Sunscreen

Applying a sunscreen should be a necessary habit as it prevents you from the effect of environmental stressors as humidity, changes in temperature, harmful ultraviolet rays. The effect of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays comes in a category known as ‘photoaging ‘and it is definitely one of the main causes of the visible symptoms of ageing.

Take good of your skin and sleep using a soft cushion covered with linen, satin or silk. Also stay hydrated, take a balanced diet and try avoiding a stress-free routine.

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