Vitamin C face Serum

Vitamin C Face Serum for oily skin type!

Those living in big cities often face skin problems such as clogged pores, an oily skin type, hyperpigmentation, skin blemishes, acne, scars, skin redness, inflammation, skin darkening, dryness, loss of skin elasticity, skin dehydration, loss of skin luster, skin allergies due to the effect of environmental stressors-UV exposure, changes in temperature, humidity and other kinds of pollutants. Other factors which lead to the above problems include daily anxiety stresses, genetic disturbances, and hormonal changes. By using Vitamin C Face Serum, you can solve these problems.

For regulating the oil generated in your skin, you can follow expert dermatological advice, as listed below: 

It has often been said that oily skin is often prone to acne breakouts, but it is also beneficial in some aspects. The sebum or skin oil generated in our skin helps in preserving the skin. If you are having an oily skin type, you will possess a thicker epidermis and a lower percentage of skin blemishes and wrinkles. You can benefit from an oily skin type if you can manage to maintain a skin balance between the excessive oil generated in your skin and the trapped moisture content in your skin.

  • A perfect skin cleansing environment is what you need to get rid of an oily skin type. Simply use vit c face wash that removes the oil but doesn’t take away the skin moisture. You should take care of the fact that when you are washing your skin, you do not rub your skin as it would cause skin irritation and worsen the skin texture even more.
  • One should always select skincare essentials that are non-comedogenic and devoid of extra oil. When a product is non-comedogenic, it won’t block your skin pores and will never lead to acne breakouts.
  • You can use a Vitamin C face wash that is not too harsh on your skin and doesn’t dry out your skin. When you are using a face wash that is too harsh, it leads to an increased sebum formation and causes skin clogging which further leads to acne breakouts.
  • One should try to avoid cleansers that contain oil or alcohol in a larger concentration as they also lead to decolorization of skin, irritation, and skin getting burnt, thus an uneven skin texture.
  • Use the perfect skin moisturizer that also contains a unique blend of sunscreen (SPF should be 30 or a bit higher). It helps in protecting your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • Wearing a sun-protecting cream is mandatory for you as it helps in taking care of your skin from the unwanted UV exposure that leads to hyperpigmentation, skin blemishes, skin cancer, and skin aging at an early age. You can look out for a sunscreen that contains compounds such as zinc oxide and lacks artificial fragrances or any kind of mineral oils.
  • Your make-up should be free from any kind of oil and should be easily soluble in water.
  • Make sure that you do not sleep with your make-up on. Use a gentle skin cleanser before going to sleep and remove your make-up using a cotton ball. Following a strict skincare routine is one of the best ways of taking care of your skin.
  • The usage of tissue papers should be restricted to a minimum. Avoid rubbing the blotting paper on your face as it often spreads oil to other adjoining skin areas.
  • Avoid touching your face regularly while working or when you are out. All of us have a common habit of touching our face, but it should be avoided as it actively spreads the microbes from one part of the skin to another. Make sure you touch your skin only when you are applying a moisturizer, using makeup or sunscreen, or carrying your daily skin cleansing schedule 
  • Each one of them has a selective and specific skin routine. Thus, selecting the right kind of cleansing and moisturizing product is necessary for getting rid of acne and other skin issues.
Vitamin C Serum For Oily Skin

Benefits of a Vitamin C Face Serum for oily skin type...!!

Vitamin C is very skin friendly as it contains plenty of antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals generated in our skin. Experts at Orgatre have created a new Vitamin C Face Serum which contains a unique blend of pure botanical ingredients – mainly essential vitamins and organic essential oils. The serum contains is one of the best vitamin C face serums for men and women as it contains vitamin C in the right proportion

Ingredients like Kakadu Plum, Orange Oil, Bergamot Oil, and Sea Buckthorn Oil enhance the efficiency of the 30 % Vitamin C Face serum.

Those having an oily skin type have excessive production of skin sebum, thus the use of Vitamin C serum for oily skin helps in improving the skin texture. Vitamin C exhibits skin hydrating and rejuvenation properties and actively acts on the skin. It helps you get rid of the visible signs of skin aging and protects your skin from the harmful effect of the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Preventing skin damage is an essential part of your daily skin regime and can only be achieved if you invest in a potent skin cleanser, moisturizer, and perfect skin serum.

It has been rightly said that "If aging gracefully is an art, a skincare routine is the artist!"

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