Pre and Post Holi Hair Care Products for Nourishment & Protection

Pre and Post Holi Hair Care Products for Nourishment & Protection


With the joyful Holi celebrations around the corner, it's not just the face of colorful hairstyles that needs to be looked after, but the careful use of hair care products that keep the hair protected and put it in good condition. While the high fun is a priceless benefit, you should always remember that the chemicals in colors are not only fun-giving but also harmful to your hair. But fear not! The products Orgatre offers are built on a comprehensive hair care list that can see to it that your hair is well-conditioned, nice, and alive-looking for the occasion. Apart from these, we have also suggested some DIY hair masks, which provide extra beneficial nourishment to your hair.


Pre Holi-Tips 

Prepare your hair for the festival of colors by following the pre-Holi hair care tips mentioned below:

  • Oil your hair

If you are getting ready for the Holi festival, you must oil your hair either the day before or a minimum of an hour before going to celebrate. Dry, frizzy, and dehydrated hair becomes very dirty and shabby, which makes it more susceptible to snagging and further damages your strands. Applying any hair oil to the scalp and the hair will minimize the adverse effects of Holi colors on the hair. Also, you can take care of your hair by making a bun or a braid instead of leaving it loose while playing with the colors.

  • Keep your hair covered

One of the major safety tips of the Pre-Holi hair care routine is to cover your hair with a cap or scarf at all times. There is no doubt that oiling lessens the chances of damage, but why not try to maximize the protection of your hair? Following this tip for Holi also protects the hair from dirt, pollution, and the sun and will provide you with a stylish exterior.

  • Avoid shampooing

Holi! This festival is one of those days when you have to make your greasy or oily hair look comfortable. The greasier, the better, which will create a protective shield on your scalp and help to not settle the chemicals. Therefore, skip shampooing before the Holi party or at least a day before the Holi party, as it will remove the natural oil from the scalp and strands, making them look dull and damaged and causing hair to fall. The common protective feature of your hair sometimes acts as a defense barrier against chemicals. The natural oil in your hair can protect it from the harmful chemicals that Holi color contains.

  • Trim your hair

You must be thinking, why should you trim your hair before Holi? This is because Holi colors damage the hair and make it even drier, especially for those who have a dry scalp. The chemicals soak up the hair’s moisture and luster and increase flyaways, breakage, and split ends. So, trimming your hair before the festival can prevent further damage and split ends.

  • Style your hair

On the occasion of Holi, most of the offices have Holi parties. Men can style their hair with Orgatre Grip & Style Hair Wax Volumizer before going to a Holi party. This product provides numerous benefits to the hair: it makes hair bouncy, keeps hairstyles longer and better, makes hair more manageable, defines hairstyles, keeps hair in good shape, and many more.


Post Holi tips

After the Holi celebration, you need some careful tips to remove the Holi colors from your hair and make it damage-free:

  • Rinse well

The first thing you need to do when you get back home is rinse your hair thoroughly with normal or lukewarm water. Try to remove as much color as you can with this step. Just soak your hair in enough water to remove all of the lost color without massaging the scalp.

  • Use a mild organic shampoo

All of the remaining color and hair oil can be removed using Damage Repair Shampoo. It doesn't include parabens or sulfates and cares for your hair without drying out, as it reduces frizziness and split ends, restores damaged hair strands, and prevents dryness and breakage. Avoiding these chemicals will stop additional drying and restore moisture to your hair, as Holi colors may be rather drying.

Choose your favorite sulfate-free shampoo from Orgatre, as they offer various shampoos based on your hair type. For example, Total Curls Shampoo for curly hair: if you own curly hair, then after the Holi celebration, your curly hair gets too damaged or frizzy as it needs extra care and attention. Orgatre Total Curls Shampoo is here to provide advantageous results for the curly mane, such as reducing frizz and breakage, providing intense hydration, keeping your curls in shape, boosting hair strength, and many more.

Another profitable name on this list is Ultra-Smoothening Shampoo. Post Holi, the smoothing shampoo, is here to offer several benefits like enhancing shinemoisturizing your scalpnourishing dull and frizzy hairadding silkiness and softness to the hairimproving manageability, and much more.

  • Deep condition of the hair

Hair gets dry and flaky after color or dust exposure. We suggest deep conditioning your hair for nourishment and extra care of it. This process can help restore moisture, repair damage, and rejuvenate your hair roots. You can opt for the Hair Care Conditioner offered by Orgatre, a mild and natural hair conditioner that helps make your hair soft and smooth, moisturizes and hydrates, promotes hair growth, improves hair texture, reduces breakage and damage, etc.

DIY POST Holi Hair Hacks to Nourish Your Hair

Post-Holi celebration, hair needs extra care and attention because harsh chemical-contained color may harm your hair and make it dull or damaged. To nourish this damaged hair, we suggest some DIY hair packs, which you can apply:

  1. Banana-Honey Hair Mask:

Mash a ripe banana and mix it with honey to create a nourishing hair mask. Apply it to your hair, leave it on for 30 minutes, then rinse with water.

This mask provides your hair with instant shine and makes it thicker and stronger.

  1. Egg-Yogurt Hair Pack:

Beat an egg and mix it with yogurt to make a protein-rich hair pack. Apply it to your hair and scalp, leave it on for 45 minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water.

This will strengthen hair and prevent hair fall as well as dandruff.


Taking care of your hair is pretty much a good idea. But, post-Holi celebration, following these hair care tips is a must to protect your hair. With the mentioned haircare products as your companions, you do not have to worry about your hair after enjoying the colored powders because they help you to maintain your natural hair color with the utmost care. Bear in mind that after rinsing off the colors slowly with lukewarm water, go for your chosen haircare products for detailed hair care after Holi. Let's have fun, be energetic, and save your hair too on this Holi, guys!


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