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Powerful blend of homegrown and clinically proven ingredients for strong, and healthy hair! Orgatre Hair...

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Powerful blend of homegrown and clinically proven ingredients for strong, and healthy hair!

Orgatre Hair Growth Oil is a unique product. It is fueled by the power of homegrown Indian ingredients such as Ginger, Turmeric, Bhringraj and clinically proven ingredients like Minoxidil. Each and every ingredient in the mix is handpicked to enhance the overall effectiveness because your hair deserves the best!

Endowed with anti-inflammatory properties, Turmeric is a strong tool to fight dandruff and oily scalp. It protects your hair from various environmental stressors and improves scalp health. Ginger is widely famous for promoting hair growth by boosting circulation and actively preventing hair loss. Packed with vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals Ginger plays a vital role in preventing hair graying and poor hair health. It also helps with different kinds of itchiness or irritation by immediately refreshing and rejuvenating the skin.

The famed Bhringraj enhances the power of this star product by adding its many benefits. In this hair growth oil, Bhringraj oil targets partial and full baldness by increasing hair growth rapidly and preventing hair fall. Known to nourish your hair and the scalp, it also treats scalp infections, dry scalp, and graying hair. Another incredible ingredient in the mix is Brahmi which acts as a natural conditioner for your hair, making them look and feel the best. It is especially known to thicken your hair and prevent split ends. 

In addition to these, this growth oil is enriched with essential oils for hair growth. With more than 20 different oils added to the mix, this hair-growth oil leaves all the others behind. Not to forget the presence of the clinically proven ingredient Minoxidil. It is proven to show results in hair growth and diminishing hair loss for men and women. It boosts hair production, strengthens your roots, and reduces hair breakage. All of this combined makes Hair Growth Oil the best treatment for healthy and strong hair.


Results might take time so be patient and follow our Orgatre 60 Day Plan to obtain stronger hair in 30 days, thicker hair in 60 days, and noticeable hair regeneration in 90 days.

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