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Experience the Science of Ayurveda with the Orgatre Hair Growth Serum..!!

With infinite options available in the market these days, but choosing the best hair growth serum according to your hair kind is a bit tough. Orgatre has launched a new hair serum in which has inbuilt properties of five essential oils and five essential vitamins.

A hair serum is used for coating the peripheral surface of hair strands in order to make them smooth, free from tangles, frizz and friction. The best hair serum for hair growth has been designed such that it perfectly suits all kinds of hair for almost every age-group.


The key rules for accelerating the hair growth:

  • TIME: Time is the first and foremost ingredient. It is better you start today, rather than regretting later.

  • QUALITY: Your scalp definitely deserves a quality product.

  • PROPER CARE: Hair growth is a time taking process and needs proper care. At least give a maximum stretch of 3 months for the product to act on your hair.

  • HAVE FAITH IN SCIENCE: You have to trust the unique combination of science and ancient Vedic alchemy practices infused together in the Orgatre Hair Growth Serum.

Composition and Ingredients Used: 

  • Redensyl: It is one of the best hair growth elements used in the cosmetic market in hair growth products. It works on the stem cells that are lying dormant in our scalp. Redensyl awakens the stem cells for further initiation of the hair growth cycle. It works as an instant molecular plug-in for switching on the hair growth.

  • Anagain: This magical ingredient is well known for actively stimulating the hair growth cycle and strictly fighting against hair loss. It is extracted from the pea sprouts and helps the hair follicles in rebooting the hair development. According to recent clinical studies, Anagain generates specific initiator molecules responsible for initiating the rise and growth of novel hair follicles.

  • Procapil: It is a revolutionary hair growth ingredient developed from a unique blend of Vitamin H, Apigenin and Oleanolic Acid. It is definitely serving as a breakthrough in the beauty industry for dealing with problems associated with hair-fall, hair-ageing and skin infections. It helps in reducing the DHT secretion leading to a deteriorated hair-quality. It gradually improves the blood flow to the hair roots and also adds to the production of keratin. It also acts on alopecia and adds to the hair density and volume. 

  • Capilla Longa: It is no doubt a prize-winning constituent that acts actively on the mRNA know-how that initiates the hair follicles for hair-production in scanty regions. It also makes the hair strands a bit thicker by expanding the hair-bulbs.

  • Red Onion Extract: It helps in generating the quantity of Sulphur required for hair growth. Sulphur is responsible for boosting the amount of collagen secretion in out scalp which in turn maintains the health of our scalp.

Orgatre Best Hair Growth Serum: Method of Application

  • Apply a few drops of the hair serum on a thoroughly cleansed scalp with the help of the given dropper.

  • Then follow with a gentle massage using your fingertips. Wash your hands after use. 

  • It is strictly recommended that you apply the serum every day before you go off to sleep and leave it overnight. 

  • The hair growth serum should be used for a minimum time period of around 3 months for getting better results.

Kindly note: Some of the constituents may change color after prolonged usage, but it doesn’t affect the quality of the product.

Enhanced Advantages of the Orgatre best hair growth serum

  • Helps in dealing with the problem of hair detangling.

  • You can easily set your hairstyle on application of the hair serum.

  • Heals the hair damaging process.

  • Adds an extra lustre and unmatched shine to your dull looking hair.

  • Also controls hair-frizziness and flyaways.

  • Helps in the maintenance of hair curls or straight hair.

  • Also prevents unwanted hair breakage and the problem of split ends.

  • Protects your hair from the damage caused by the sun and environmental pollutants.

Why choose the Orgatre hair growth serum?

  • Most of the serums available in the market just rest on the external surface of the hair shafts, but the newly designed Orgatre hair serum penetrates your scalp and increases the blood flow directly to your scalp and nourishes the hair follicles from deep within.

  • According to a recent survey conducted by Orgatre, the hair growth serum has shown an instant increase in the hair growth and lead to a rapid decrease in the problem of hair loss.

  • It instantly removes the toxins and improves the overall environment required for hair growth by reactivating the dormant hair roots and repairing the damage which occurs due to the use of hair-colors and hair styling products.

  • It is perfectly suited for people having a thicker hair texture or curly hair type by providing extra moisturization.

  • It also controls the formation of excess sebum and keeps your hair hale and hearty.

  • If you are frequently using hair color, and you are looking for ingredients for extra-nourishment, then the Orgatre hair growth serum is perfect.

  • It acts as a blanket for damaged hair.

  • It is easy to use and serving the purpose of a target application. Thus, it works well for those having thin hair lines, visible bald patches or suffering from the problem of alopecia areata.

  • Infused with a perfect blend of organic ingredients, the Orgatre hair growth serum has added benefits for your scalp.

  • It purifies your scalp and also deals with the problem of hair-dryness due to excessive hair washing, an itchy scalp, dandruff and flakiness.

  • It balances the existing ph of your scalp and is perfect for sensitive skin.

  • If you suffer from flakiness or dandruff, you can use hair serums that balance the scalp pH and help soothe any irritation.

It has been rightly said by, Chinonye J. Chidolue that “Good hair brings good luck!” 

In a similar fashion, Orgatre has been working with the best skin experts in the industry for creating valuable products free from any kinds of chemicals or toxins. The Orgatre best hair growth hair serum has been tested on real people, and is purely cruelty free. Animals were not harmed during the manufacturing process.

But if you are a bit worried about the action of the serum, you can try a patch test on your skin.

Patch Test:

  • Select a special part of your skin as your elbow or your forearm.

  • Apply a few drops of the hair serum and then wait for at least 24 hours.

  • If you notice any kind of skin irritation, rashes or hives, or redness, it clearly indicates that you have a sensitive skin. But this happens very rarely. In such a condition, you should use a small quantity of the serum.

  • But, if no such allergies exist, you can start using the hair growth serum on a regular basis without any worries.

We are happy to serve you, and would like to hear your feedback for further product upgradation.

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