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A Permanent Fix for Hair Loss Problems with the Orgatre Hair Oil For Hair Loss

It is evident that the people of the new era suffer from hair problems of one or the other kind like thinning of hair, unwanted hair loss, hair damage caused by the sun and environmental factors, dandruff, scalp infections, premature graying and loss of hair volume and shine. This occurs as around one individual amongst three suffers from malnutrition or an irregular diet or a busy lifestyle.

One can exhibit healthy-radiant hair only when you possess a healthy scalp. And for the same, a perfect balance of scalp moisture and oiliness is persistent. It helps in the development of hair follicles and keeps them strong. An unhealthy or a diseased scalp develops due the use of toxic chemicals, temperature damage and poor eating habits. You can acquire a healthy scalp by taking proper care of your hair roots by using a nutritious hair oil and hair serum for hair growth

Finding the appropriate hair growth oil for your scalp is a challenging task indeed. Orgatre has come up with a solution for this problem and devised a miraculous organic hair growth oil which is a unique combination of five essential vitamins and 5 essential organic oils.

The major components of the hair growth oil are ginger, Brahmi, turmeric, bhringraj and minoxidil. These ingredients are grown in the best organic Indian farms under the strict supervision of hair care experts for improving the quality and efficacy of the product.

The advantages of the components are no doubt worth cherishing:

Ginger for Increasing the Blood Circulation:

Ginger is an organic herb found in abundance in the Indian subcontinent and well known for boosting the overall blood flow directly to the hair roots and thus giving you a healthy scalp in return. It is also a powerhouse of essential vitamins, fatty acids and micronutrients needed for boosting the hair growth. Endowed with antibacterial properties, ginger is the perfect element for curing scalp infections and hair loss.

Antibacterial Turmeric:

This magical ingredient has been infused in the Orgatre organic hair growth oil for accelerating the hair growth as it is enriched with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which take care of hair issues like dandruff, an oily scalp and hair fall. Being a rich source of infinite antioxidants, turmeric also helps our scalp in fighting against the free radicals.

Bhringraj for a Healthy Scalp:

It has been added to the hair oil as it treats scalp related infections, reduces the problem of dryness, early hair-greying, baldness and dandruff. It also reduces the split ends and nourishes your scalp.

Minoxidil for Hair Disorders:

It is an award-winning ingredient often recommended by hair care experts as a superficial element for hair growth and for effectively treating hair diseases. It helps in improving the hair texture and increases the overall thickness as well as hair volume.

Brahmi- A Natural Hair Conditioner:

It is an Indian herb used in the treatment of hair fall and dandruff. It also takes care of the problem of hair greying and acts as an organic hair conditioner and effectively treats split ends as well.

Hair Oil For Hair Loss

Why use the Orgatre Organic Hair Growth Oil?

The Orgatre organic hair growth oil is definitely an asset and will serve generations to come.

  • It possesses the required vitamins and fatty acids for hair growth and thus helps in repairing the damage caused by excessive styling or environmental factors.
  • Your hair may be dry, straight, curly or rough, but the Orgatre hair growth oil can create wonders as it suits all hair-types. It can be used as a conditioner when applied overnight.
  • It boosts the hair growth, makes your hair thicker by reducing the loss of hair proteins – the structural collagen fibers responsible for hair growth and toughness.
  • The ingredients used in the hair oil have been used in the field of traditional medication for centuries. They maintain a healthy scalp as they are a rich source of antioxidants and essential nutrients for hair growth.
  • The hair oil for hair loss also helps it treating the scalp conditions as inflammation, itchiness, dandruff, premature hair fall and alopecia.
  • The oil possesses antibacterial properties and omega-6 essential fatty acids in abundance and thus helps in the treatment of hair thinning problems.
  • The oil is also endowed with the required amount of phytosterols and carotenoids that promote hair growth. The added herbs help in stimulating the hair growth and give a new shine to your dull hair.
  • The hair oil increases the elastic strength of your hair and prevents it from further breakage.
  • Being rich in essential fatty acids, it deeply hydrates your hair, and locks in the moisture within the hair shafts and required humidity for your hair. Thus tackles the problem of frizziness.
  • The phenols present in the hair oil automatically reverse the destructive effects of UV light and chemicals used on our hair. Thus reduce the hair loss.
  • Being light weight, it also provides the required hair lustre and improves your hair texture. It increases the hair volume at the root level and opens the hair shafts which become dormant and awakens them over a period of time.

Orgatre has used the ancient approach as seen in the Ayurvedic Indian medicine and created an extraordinary hair oil which is an all-in-one product for scalp wellness and health.

How to use the Organic Hair Growth Oil?

  • Oiling has been concerned as the first step for a healthy scalp and stronger hair.
  • You can apply the Orgatre hair oil on your scalp using your fingers in between your hair strands by carefully dividing your hair into sections.
  • Oiling should be followed by a gentle hair massage for at least 10-15 minutes.
  • Allow the hair oil to rest overnight or at least 3-4 hours before you wash your hair.
  • After carefully washing your hair with a mild shampoo, you can apply the Orgatre hair growth serum to your clean scalp for better results.
  • The Orgatre hair oil and hair serum combo has been recommended by cosmetologists for instant hair growth.
  • Use the hair oil for a minimum period of 3-4 months for visible hair growth.
  • When you apply the hair serum, use only a few drops as per your hair thickness and volume and massage your scalp after application of the serum.


  • Do not use harsh or toxic chemicals on your hair. 
  • Brush your hair in a gentle manner and comb using a wide-toothed hand comb.
  • Use a soft pillow while sleeping and protect your hair from direct sunlight and excessive use of hair colors and styling products.
  • For a healthy scalp and excellent hair growth, make sure that you avoid stress and anxiety in your daily routine and take a proper diet rich in proteins and necessary vitamins.
So why not ‘Make it happen, and let people notice a new you...!!’
Try the Orgatre Organic Hair Growth Oil and feel the difference...!!

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