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Orgatre Hair Growth Serum – Essential Properties

Are you looking for the best hair growth serum available in the market these days? It is better that you search for a hair serum that takes care of specific issues as per your hair concern and also according to your hair kind. ‘Organic’ is the newest trend in the cosmetic industry these days. Keeping the industry standards and customers’ viewpoint in mind, Orgatre has launched a purely organic hair growth serum which is a complete power house of five essential vitamins viz. Vit E, Vit C, Vit B3, Vit B5 and Vit B7 as well as organic essential oils namely - Ginger Oil, Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Roman Chamomile Oil, and Thyme Oil. The serum also contains adequate proportions of other valuable ingredients as Redensyl, Anagain, Procapil, Capilla Longa and Red Onion Extract.

Essential Properties of a Hair Growth Serum

  • The working action of a hair serum is completely different from a facial serum. It is a transparent gel-based product containing a higher concentration of active constituents. They are mainly employed for coating the outer surface of hair strands and act as a protective barrier from environmental barriers as pollution, humidity and ultra-violet rays of the sun. The serums available in the market mostly contain silicones. Silicone is an artificial additive added to the hair serums for moisturization and nourishment. It may be beneficial for some people, but prior to using a silicone-based product you should consult a dermatologist. The silicone-based serums do not seep and form a layer on top of the hair strands and impart a smoother and shiny appearance and also lessen the hair friction and existing tangles.
  • Earlier, hair serums were manufactured keeping in mind the fact that they will adhere to the peripheral surface of hair strands and reduce frizz and smoothen the hair texture. The phenomena of hair growth to be induced in hair serum is relatively new. Orgatre has considered many aspects in mind while creating the best hair growth serum in the market.  
The Orgatre hair growth serum induces the following benefits and imparts long term hair-benefits:
  • Detangles your hair easily
  • You can style your hair as per your choice
  • Treats damaged hair
  • Imparts a persistent shine to your dull and damaged hair.
  • Smoothens the hair texture.
  • Also reduces the frizz and keeps the flyaways’ intact.
  • Helps in maintaining curls and makes straight hair manageable.
  • Also acts on unwanted hair fall and split ends.
  • Act as a protective barrier against environmental pollution and other stressors like humidity, temperature changes and ultra-violet light of the sun.

Selecting the best hair growth serum

Most of the hair serums available in the market simply rest on the upper surface of the hair shafts. The magical property of the hair growth serum that actually works is basically to penetrate deeper into the layers of the scalp and direct the blood flow towards the hair roots. The Orgatre hair growth serum has been tested on real people and 90 percent of the population has shown fruitful results. People have given an optimistic opinion about the hair serum. It not only causes a gradual reduction in the hair loss, but also imparts hair growth.


Include the Orgatre hair serum in your daily skincare routine. The following pointers will highlight the value-added advantages:

The best hair care product for a healthier scalp

A hair serum is counted best when it penetrates deeper into the scalp and provides the regular nourishment and heals the existing dryness. It is recommended by hair care experts for deeper hydration. It directs the blood glow towards the hair roots and awakens the dormant hair follicles and also repairs the damage which occurs due to the usage of excessive styling, heat or via the application of chemicals.

It is ideal for varied hair scalp kinds

It is necessary to identify your hair texture and kind. The Orgatre hair serum for hair growth works for people having varied hair textures be it a thick-hair kind or a curly-hair type. It provides extra hydration due to the added oils and vitamins

For those having an oily scalp, the serum controls the amount of sebum generated by the sebaceous glands. Thus, it restricts the excessive oils at the anchorage and also imparts a fresh and healthy look.

Best suited for chemically treated or colored hair

The Orgatre hair growth serum contains special ingredients which nourish the chemically treated scalp and prevent further damage.

Can be applied easily

The hair growth serum is target specific and treats hair-shredding, thinning of hair, bald patches and also acts on acute alopecia areata.

Has a unique blend of organic ingredients

The unique compositions of five essential vitamins and five essential oils of the Orgatre hair serum is quite beneficial for your scalp.

It offers a plethora of combined benefits

It not only provides long-term benefits from scalp infections; hair fall and skin inflammation but also balances the ph of your scalp and soothes skin irritations.

How to use the Orgatre best hair growth serum for effective results?

It is vital for a buyer to know the exact method of application when purchasing a hair growth serum. A hair growth serum is a product which lies embedded within the scalp and thus should be applied to a well cleansed scalp.

  • First and foremost, you should wash your hair properly using a anti hair fall shampoo. The elementary purpose of a hair serum is to act as a protective sheath and safeguard your hair from environmental pollutants and barrier as humidity and temperature. If you apply it on an unwashed scalp, the required purpose won’t be resolved. If by chance you apply it on a dirty scalp, your hair will feel weighed down and will get an oily look.
  • Use a few drops of the hair serum as per your hair length and volume. Divide your hair into fine sections and apply the hair growth serum onto the hair roots and then brush your hair using a wide-toothed so that it spreads evenly.
  • Always make it a point to towel dry your hair and do not over apply excessive hair serum as it can make your hair look flat and a bit greasy.
  • Most of the hair serums available in the market have a thick base texture and thus are difficult to apply. But the Orgatre hair serum, is light-weighted and can be easily applied. But you should warm it a little bit and keep it on your palm just before the application. This process makes the hair serum a bit smoother and eases the application.
  • Apply the hair serum from the mid lengths to the hair ends, and avoid a direct application to the hair roots.
  • Avoid rinsing the hair growth serum after application. The ingredients of the hair serum should be allowed to rest for a longer period of time for better results and action. This helps in the smoothening of your texture and for perfect hydration of the scalp.
In the words of Wayne Chirisa, “Your hair is the crown of your beauty, it complements the gracefulness of your wholesome beauty.”

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