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Self-Care is an Essential Indeed

In the words of, ‘Carrie Anne Moss’, “Self-care is so much more than a beauty regimen or an external thing you do. It has to start within your heart to know what you need to navigate your life. A pedicure doesn’t last, but meditating every day does.”

Self-care must be an essential component of your daily body care routine as it helps you in relaxation and relieving stress in the busy journey of life. Workaholism is an asset as it brings out the best in you. But taking short intervals in between your busy schedule will surely provide you the freshness and relief you need. We are living in an era where global warming is boosting up each day. Coping up with the daily pollution and toxicity level in the environment is indeed a bit difficult. The effect of environmental stressors such as changes in temperature, everyday pollution, humidity as well as the ultra-violet rays of the sun cannot be overlooked. Thus, to manage the overall stress parameters in your daily life, one should indulge in self-care as the first priority which includes taking care of your skin, hair, diet and lifestyle.

Paving your way easily into the current beauty lexicon is not a novel concept for the yogis and numerous beauty and wellness experts, as it is a normal fit. You should value self-care in the similar way as you value self-respect.

Self-care definitely helps you to shield the energy needed for sustenance and survival. It lets you stay healthy and manage the existing level of daily stress. We should feel pride in our inner self our vivacity, elegance and brilliance as these constraints are bound to grow each day. Self-care means taking out some time for yourself and knowing your limits. You should get the rest you require, avail a healthy diet and consider whatever makes your body feel upright

You should take out at least an hour everyday from your busy schedule and exercise and meditate good night sleep, reading a book, listening to music or and writing a daily journal will definitely help and take away your stress easily. Accomplishment of your daily tasks in a watchful manner and making better choices is nothing but a form of self-care.

Simply start from the top

Haircare is definitely an investment and helps you boost your self-confidence and it is the best way to repair and refresh yourself. This doesn’t mean using any conditioner or shampoo and giving a slap on your head while racing out of your front door in the morning for work.

Your hair is no doubt a form of self-expression and reflects your personality. It is definitely a record of your daily life. If you would be given a chance to analyze your hair threads using a microscope, it would definitely speak in volumes and define your way of living, your response to stimuli in an emotional manner and your way of eating.

A good scalp massage is definitely an effective way to ease away your stress and increase the blood circulation towards the hair roots, the facial muscles and the head. Whenever you think of purchasing a new shampoo or a fast hair growth oil, you are trying to generate optimal conditions for your scalp health and hair growth.

Indian women have been using aromatic oils made from natural herbs, rare flowers as well as spices to keep their hair thick and lustrous since ages. Orgatre has acknowledged this hair care therapy practiced in our mainland and created a novel organic hair growth oil for varied hair types and textures. The Orgatre hair growth oil is devoid of any kind of toxic chemicals and has a unique product composition derived from five essential vitamins (Vit E, Vit A, Vit F, Vit K and Vit D) and five organic essential oils Ginger Oil, Bhringraj Oil, Turmeric Oil, Thyme Oil and Moroccan Argan Oil).

Organic Essential oils and their benefits for hair growth

Ginger oil when mixed in an adequate proportion in a hair growth oil helps in boosting the blood circulation towards the scalp and prevents hair loss. It also contains essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which help in strengthening your hair, prevent dandruff and cure scalp infections

Bhringraj oil: It is the king of oils and is mixed as an important ingredient in organic hair growth oils as it prevents baldness, treats baldness &scalp infections, retards premature hair -greying, nourishes your hair and acts as an active dandruff cleanser.

Turmeric Oil: Turmeric oil contains ‘curcumin’ which endows anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties and is therefore highly recommended in haircare products.

Thyme Oil: It is often mixed with hair growth oils as it aids in hair growth, prevents hair shredding and hair thinning. It also treats hair fall and the persistent problem of dandruff.

Moroccan Argan Oil: It contains omega fatty acids in abundance and is often used an active ingredient of hair growth oils. It not only maintains your scalp health but also adds a new luster to your damaged hair tissues and balances the scalp ph.

 Tapping the scalp

Tapping is one of the oldest techniques used for balancing the nervous system. The underlying theory beneath tapping is that our body reacts to the rhythmic stimulus, the heart being the baseline. When you are tenderly tapping your skull after oiling, the lymphatic system gets stimulated and there is a harmonic flow of energy within our body and the blood flow towards the hair follicles automatically speeds up.

Night baths

A night bath before going is highly beneficial for relaxing your mind before going to sleep. It is definitely a part of self-care and self-love which adds freshness to your body and gives you relief from stress and anxiety.


Leaving the hair growth oil in your scalp overnight as a part of an overnight therapy. Use a soft satin scarf and wrap it on your head after applying the hair oil. You can also use a steam room or a bathhouse and spend some time in and out of the heat. This helps in the active absorption of the hair oil into the scalp and hair roots. The hot oil treatment is one of the best methods to treat hair issues and scalp infections.

Self-pampering is never harmful for your health along with a balanced diet. It triggers an inbuilt relaxation stimulus which heals the underlying body-tissues and your hormonal echelons return to a regular state.

When you invest time in self-care, it shows that you know your worth and are fond of yourself. For ‘a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. ‘As a result, when you take proper care of yourself, you stay fit and become an asset for your team-mates, colleagues and your family.

In the words of ‘Audre Lorde’, ‘Self -care is not self-indulgent but an act of survival’.


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