Hair Fall Treatment Oil

Hair falls treatment oil – Efficacy unleashed!

People all over the world are moreover interested in natural hairstyles these days. These days dermatologists are laying stress on the fact that we should be aware of the general principles related to hair care. We should also possess knowledge regarding the general terminology related to hair care, the latest hairstyles, the various ways to wash your hair, and the technique of product selection for before and after the hair wash like going with anti-hair fall shampoo, hair serum for hair growth, and hair fall treatment oil, etc. If you have basic information related to hair care and skin care, it becomes easier for dermatologists to manage and treat your underlying skin conditions which are often associated with disturbing hairstyling in many patients.

What is Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD) and how to solve it with hair fall treatment oil?

It is a problem associated with your scalp and is a tardy hypersensitivity response that takes place when your epidermis is exposed to a substance to which you are priorly allergic. This happens when you are exposing your hair or skin to chemical and heat treatments while personal grooming or at the time of using different beauty and hair products. The actual part played by various beauty as well as hair care items in the progression of ACD has been well-documented by ongoing research. The amount of literature related to ACD is very less though and it gives us information on the routine followed by patients having curly hair as seen in Africans.

Why is scalp care essential?

Scalp care is the latest trend these days as people have become aware and conscious after the post-covid era. Your daily scalp care regime defines the overall health and well-being of your hair roots and hair threads and this further prevents your scalp from diseases such as alopecia and allergic contact dermatitis. According to recent studies conducted by dermatologists, the main aim was to associate various races with hair kinds and study the output as the degree of awareness amongst the masses. The general hair care practice indicates that most females use shampoo along with a conditioner while washing their hair, whereas males use only shampoo. Both men and women need to go with proper hair & scalp care solutions and use hair fall treatment oil to avoid this issue.


Losing around 150 hair threads daily is a natural phenomenon. But as one reaches their 60s, around 70 percent of men and 50 percent of women face a calculable quantity of hair loss. The main cause behind this hair shedding and hair thinning is genetic. In males, the androgen hormones are responsible for early hair fall. On the other hand, thyroid issues, anxiety, stress, and nutritional deficiencies are responsible for hair loss amongst most females.

Over-the-counter treatments for hair

The hair care products available online and in numerous drug stores contain the following constituents:

  • Contemporary minoxidil: When used daily, it helps in stimulating the dormant hair follicles and moves them toward the growth stage. According to recent reviews, most women who used minoxidil-based hair growth products experienced modest hair regrowth in comparison to those who applied an alternative. And males, who used hair care products containing 5% minoxidil at least twice every day experienced around 115-20% hair growth per sq cm and around 10 hairs with the usage of 2% minoxidil solution.
  • Nutritional supplements: Most of the dietary supplements available in the market are sold for hair re-growth and contain a higher level of biotin infused in them. You can try them if you are facing a deficiency and it surely helps.
  • The ‘Light Therapy/Low-level laser’: These days numerous devices such as combs, headbands, and combs are found in the market and they promise follicular stimulation. They may help a little bit in stimulating the hair-growth but their efficacy is still questionable.


Analyzing the recommended medicines

Sometimes when you go to a dermatologist for scalp treatments, they may prescribe oral drugs as minoxidil along with other potent combinations as Finasteride.

  • Effect of finasteride: They are mostly prescribed in conditions such as Propecia and other generic conditions. They are mostly prescribed on an off-label basis. When it is given to men it prevents hair loss by converting the male hormone testosterone to a kind of androgen responsible for the same.

But it can lead to erectile dysfunction and other kinds of birth defects. Thus, it is not recommended for premenopausal females.

  • Spironolactone: It is mostly prescribed for blood pressure and often used off-label for treating hair loss in females. They lead to a gradual blockage of the androgen receptors found in your hair follicles and ultimately lead to hair loss.
  • PRP or platelet-rich plasma injections: They are often used on an off-label basis for hair loss issues as injections are given within a time duration of 30 days. They are mostly continued for at least six months on a stretch.

Orgatre has recently developed a combo kit that contains a hair fall treatment oil and a hair serum for hair growth together. The kit works well and is better than topical drugs used for treating hair loss and related issues. This kit contains a unique blend of essential organic oils and essential vitamins that act as hair supplements and help in scalp rejuvenation and increase hair vitals within a period of 3 months if used regularly.

The Orgatre hair-growth serum is no doubt the best hair serum for hair growth available in the market these days. Scalp care is essential and should not be overlooked for avoiding scalp infections and hair loss problems.

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