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Treating hair Split Ends and flyways with Hair Growth Oil

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Having split ends is a tacky problem as it affects your hair vitals – the overall length and hair thickness. Your hair growth ceases when you have split ends for a longer period. Then to avoid the hair fall problem use hair growth oil.  People often think that the only option left to get rid of split ends is to cut them. Your hair length no doubt adds to your overall beauty and enhances your personality as well. Thus, you must take care of your hair length and know the essential tips for tackling spit ends.

Defining Split Ends.!

Split ends usually occur at the terminals of your hair strands. The visible hair ends bifurcate into two or three parts and are a nuisance as your hair quality degrades. They lead to hair breakage and within a period you may showcase splitting from almost anywhere. It also leads to deaccelerated hair growth and affects your overall scalp health as well.

Split Ends – Causes

Your hair may develop split due to many internal as well as external factors. Whenever the cuticular layer of your hair roots gets injured, you will find split ends. In this case, the hair cuticle fails to reflect light all through the hair fibers and thus people often complain of dullness and loss of hair texture. You may feel as if your hair is lifeless and knots start forming in between your hair threads. This results in unwanted hair shedding and hair thinning.

However, the main causes of split ends include scalp dryness, the genetics behind your hair growth patterns, excessive use of chemical treatments, and heat styling methods. Make sure you tie your hair using a soft band, and brush it gently to avoid hair breakage and split ends. The effect of environmental stressors such as temperature changes, exposure to the UV light of the sun, pollution, changes in temperature and chlorinated water cannot be overlooked as it leads to split ends.

Fixing Split Ends with Hair Growth Oil

Keep trimming your hair on a regular basis

Split ends often tend to form hair mesh and our hair threats get tangled amongst each other. Hair fall is a common drawback as a result of split ends. As your hair growth slows down due to the reoccurrence of split ends, trimming your hair within 6-8 weeks is necessary.

Benefits of trimming: Trimming leads to an increase in your hair growth rate. If you are not interested in getting your hair trimmed once within 60 days on a stretch, you can try hair dusting.

During the hair dusting process, your hairstylist will simply trim a quarter of an inch from your hair thread ends. But dusting helps only when you have lesser split ends. 

A wide-toothed comb definitely helps

According to hair care experts, one must never harshly comb the hair. Your hair is a sensitive part and it should be treated in a very gentle and caring way. Whenever the hair knots bother you, never try to pull them. Always keep a hair spray water bottle ready and moisten your hair a little bit whenever you want to free your hair tangles. A light-textured hair serum also helps. Just take a few drops of the serum and spread it on your hair strands from the bottom to the ends, except the hair roots. It helps in detangling your hair locks and eases the combing process. Now your comb will glide in smoothly and you feel the joy of combing your hair threads.

One should avoid brushing wet hair as it leads to hair breakage and weakens your hair roots. After taking a shower, let your hair dry a bit then comb it, and avoid using hair styling tools regularly.

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Quit some of your habits

  • While drying your hair, make sure you dry gently. It is better to duck rubbing your hair whenever you dry them using a towel. And if you want to tie your wet hair, use a cotton soft cloth.
  • Whenever you go to sleep, make sure that you have untied your hair. Sleeping with a bun or a ponytail can lead to hair damage and weaken your hair roots.
  • While sleeping make sure that your hair is not wet. If you ever take a hot shower and feel like going to sleep instantly, dry your hair and then go ahead. Sleeping while your hair is wet leads to split ends and creates knots within your hair strands, leading to hair fall.
  • It is better to sleep on a soft pillow covered with silk or satin. Pillows or cushions having cotton covers lead to hair breakage as they contain a higher fiber ratio. On the contrary, silk covers do not harm your hair due to a softer texture.
  • Oiling is an essential practice recommended by experts for everyone. Some people do not prefer oiling on a regular basis and do not keep it overnight as they experience hair loss after the application of oil on the scalp. Applying oil for longer-term periods leads to the blockage of hair follicles. If you feel that the application of hair oil overnight is helping your hair fall issue, avoid it and let the oil rest only for 2-3 hours.
  • It is true that hair split ends need deeper hair conditioning. Thus, you can use an organic hair growth oil for your scalp.
  • Minimize the usage of hair styling equipment as much as possible. And whenever you style your hair, set your device to the lowest possible temperature. Section your hair while styling as it lessens the formation of split ends.
  • You can also use a heat-safeguarding spray for your hair as it will help. It is used for slowing the speed of heat flow and thus your hair will undergo minimum mutilation.


The Orga Tre Hair Growth Oil – A perfect solution for split ends & hair fall 

Adopting the right hair care routine will definitely solve the problem of hair fall and split ends. You can try the Orgatre organic hair growth oil for all your hair problems. And, if you are facing small broken baby hair then you must try the Orgatre hair finishing stick to avoid this problem.

Hair care experts at Orgatre have taken special care while devising the hair growth oil and hair finishing stick and infused a superb blend of Vitamils which contains five essential vitamins (Vit E, Vit A, Vit F, Vit K, Vit D) and five organic essential oils (Ginger Oil, Bhringraj Oil, Turmeric Oil, Thyme Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil) in an accurate proportion.

The hair growth oil has been tested on real masses. It takes care of multiple scalp issues such as hair shedding, hair thinning, dullness, dryness, acute alopecia, a receding hairline, scalp inflammation, split ends, dandruff, loss of hydration, weak hair roots and premature hair greying. The oil also protects your scalp from environmental stressors such as pollution, harmful UV light of the sun, humidity, and sudden changes in temperature.

Just go on our official website – and order the bottle of happiness and scalp health online. Your hair rejuvenation therapy is just a click away.

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